Cicadas are calling outside my window as I write this morning. In the Midwest I've always considered the increasing levels of that sound as a harbinger of the end of summer.

As I filled a used-everyday CamelBak®  KickBak™  with my summer morning standard of ice to the top and my favorite soft drink, er, fresh healthy water, I realized that soon the mornings would start with something hot to drink. It's an easy switch with the KickBak™ because it's made for hot or cold drinks.

Dual use promotional drinkware products that work with both hot and cold beverages are becoming increasingly popular. There's no better season to share these great products with your customers than this transition time when the days begin brisk and cool yet still warm up to a toasty level. Increased opportunities for use equal increased exposure for the customer logo or message imprinted on that tumbler or bottle!

We offer a great selection of stainless steel dual use tumblers and bottles. Explore the Products tab at the top of our Home page. Check out our branded product lines for a variety of transitional items to take you and your customer through the change of seasons and activities.


Branded Drinkware


Today we're going to explore branded drinkware. Your customer may think of budget as the driving decision making factor when choosing a custom imprinted water bottle. Part of your role as their distributor is to help them get the best business value for their money. That value can often be found in a branded drinkware product.

The first step might be to encourage your customer to think about the message they want to send each time the bottle is used. You want to help them choose a bottle that is reliable and will hold up well to long term use.

  • Brand name bottles are not only reliable, many come with their own performance warranty. CamelBak®, for instance,  offers their "Got Your Bak" warranty on all CamelBak products we decorate. This reliable performance backed by a warranty projects that same image of reliability onto the business whose logo is imprinted on the bottle.

Moving on in the decision process, encourage your customer to think about how often their logo will be viewed on the bottle they choose. Help them think of this as an ongoing referral to their business - not only with the bottle user each time they pick up the bottle but with anyone who sees it in repeated use. Gym goers, co-workers, team mates and more.
  • Brand name bottles may be more likely to be reused many times and longer. Not only because people like to carry a known brand, but because of the perception of a longer lasting high quality item. This perception reflects onto the business logo or message imprinted on the bottle and increases the marketing exposure for the business.
How is your customer giving out the bottle?  At a trade show, with a store visit or purchase?  A brand name product may open the door to a greater conversation.

  • People notice when you place a high quality product in their hand; they notice known brands. A conversational opportunity follows and the impression lingers - the perceived connection between a high quality item and the business logo imprinted on it - later when the bottle is put into use.

Research shows on average promotional products are kept for more than a year. Your customer wants the water bottles they hand out to continue to represent their business brand well for as long as possible. A brand name product sends a message of stability and being on trend that will pay off immediately by building a connection with the recipient and long term through the reliabilty of many repeat uses.


ASI Chicago 2017

ASI CHICAGO is happening now!  And you still have time to stop by booth #835, meet our knowledgeable Chicago team and check out our amazing decorating capabilities and quality products.

We offer quality brand name drinkware as well as the trending promotional drinkware items you may be seeking. Our new H2O4K9 products are featured - incredibly functional and well crafted on the go water bottles for your favorite canine pal!

Stan, John, Pat, Joe and Jennie are waiting to say hello and show you the best in promotional drinkware and decorating abilities!

Stop by Booth #835 at ASI Chicago to meet us!


Happy Independence Day from everyone at Allen ColorCraft!

We will be closed Monday, July 3, and Tuesday, July 4, to celebrate our great nation with fun, family, friends and a deep appreciation for freedom.

We wish the same for each of you!


Summer is here. It's festival and fair season. There are outdoor
events bursting off personal, business and community calendars.

Staying well hydrated during summer events is a critical part of event planning. Healthy hydration is important year round and more so during the heat of summer activities. This makes custom imprinted water bottles a perfect fit for summer activities.

Remind your clients of local and regional summer events coming up. Let them know there's still time to place an order for custom imprinted water bottles to promote their event or business with a functional product that will give their message repeat exposure.

Need some ideas about where water bottles might fit in your client's plan?

Family Reunions.  That's right. The good old family fun time reunion is a perfect fit for an imprinted water bottle. Keep the family healthy and hydrated and let them take home a keepsake water bottle. Whether it's for a personal family reunion or a gift shop vendor at a popular location for these events, water bottles work.

Local pools, country clubs, camp programs.  Outdoor activities, family fun and refillable water bottles go hand in hand.

Golf Outings. As sign up gifts, as prizes, as donor gifts. Think about Walk/Run charity events while you're at it.

County Fairs, Food Festivals, Car Shows, Concerts. Concerts, this one is worth repeating. Local concerts in the park are as good a venue for water bottles as large cross country tours.

Need suggestions for what sort of water bottles are available?  Do you have an idea but no art?  We can help with that - give us a call!  Our Customer Service folks are always ready to help you find the perfect item for your customer and our Art Department is staffed and ready to make your customer's design idea come to life!


It's National Doughnut Day.  Grab your favorite custom imprinted mug or tumbler, hit the best doughnut shop in town and enjoy the moment!
For a tumbler that's durable, beautiful and tough enough to keep your coffee hot for hours or your iced macchiato chillin' all day, reach for our BOSS Tumbler. We have in house inventory in great colors and new lower pricing!


Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend as we celebrate those who have served and continue to serve our country.