Summer is here. It's festival and fair season. There are outdoor
events bursting off personal, business and community calendars.

Staying well hydrated during summer events is a critical part of event planning. Healthy hydration is important year round and more so during the heat of summer activities. This makes custom imprinted water bottles a perfect fit for summer activities.

Remind your clients of local and regional summer events coming up. Let them know there's still time to place an order for custom imprinted water bottles to promote their event or business with a functional product that will give their message repeat exposure.

Need some ideas about where water bottles might fit in your client's plan?

Family Reunions.  That's right. The good old family fun time reunion is a perfect fit for an imprinted water bottle. Keep the family healthy and hydrated and let them take home a keepsake water bottle. Whether it's for a personal family reunion or a gift shop vendor at a popular location for these events, water bottles work.

Local pools, country clubs, camp programs.  Outdoor activities, family fun and refillable water bottles go hand in hand.

Golf Outings. As sign up gifts, as prizes, as donor gifts. Think about Walk/Run charity events while you're at it.

County Fairs, Food Festivals, Car Shows, Concerts. Concerts, this one is worth repeating. Local concerts in the park are as good a venue for water bottles as large cross country tours.

Need suggestions for what sort of water bottles are available?  Do you have an idea but no art?  We can help with that - give us a call!  Our Customer Service folks are always ready to help you find the perfect item for your customer and our Art Department is staffed and ready to make your customer's design idea come to life!


It's National Doughnut Day.  Grab your favorite custom imprinted mug or tumbler, hit the best doughnut shop in town and enjoy the moment!
For a tumbler that's durable, beautiful and tough enough to keep your coffee hot for hours or your iced macchiato chillin' all day, reach for our BOSS Tumbler. We have in house inventory in great colors and new lower pricing!


Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend as we celebrate those who have served and continue to serve our country.


BOSS Tumblers


Lowest Price EVER!
Don't miss your chance to get our incredibly popular BOSS tumblers at an amazing low price.  These 20 and 30 ounce tumblers feature incredible temperature retention for hot or cold drinks, no liner to add leftover tastes to your beverage and a design that fits in most cup holders. 

In the past we thought of vacuum insulated products as cold weather only items. Not true with these high performance vacuum insulated tumblers. Cold drinks hold for hours in these tumblers which makes them a year round winner in your drinkware lineup!

We have available in house inventory in a great color palette but they're going quick at this great price so don't delay; get your BOSS orders in today!


Have you noticed the intriguing high/low design of our Offero
mugs and stemmed glass and wondered what that's all about?

We did.

The first thing you notice when you pick up an Offero mug or glass is how beautiful they are and how good they feel in your hand. Their quality shows well. Then you - or we did - wonder how to drink from that high/low design and if there's a point to it, a purpose beyond the beauty of the design.

Well, there IS a point to that beautiful design and it's very functional.

Turns out your nose knows. And it's intimately connected to your sense of taste, your very enjoyment of what you're drinking.

The unique design of  Offero mugs and glasses enhances the drinking experience by concentrating those wonderful aromas toward your all knowing nose as you drink. Your experience of your beverage begins even before you take that first sip.

To drink from on Offero glass or mug, place your lips on the lowest part of the cup/glass and sip. Allow the higher back edge to slowly embrace your nose and face as you take in your beverage's unique aromas.

You want to try it yourself now, don't you?



National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2017

National Nurses Week is a week dedicated to recognizing the contributions of this group of people who have - or will - impact the lives of most of us at one time or another.

This is a popular week for hospitals, clinics and management to gift their nursing staff with flowers, luncheons and gifts. Distributor should remind their healthcare industry clients of the importance of acknowledging their hard working nurses.  Custom imprinted drinkware is a gift that will be reused many times, benefiting both the giver and the recipient! Including a heartfelt message, a company logo as well as a Write On area for personalization will repeat the message many times over.

Keeping staff well by encouraging healthy hydration during long shifts is an added benefit of a quality water bottle gift.

Our CamelBak® line of bottles offers a diverse choice of high quality hydration products including durable eddy Tritan water bottles as well as stainless steel vacuum insulated Chute bottles and vacuum insulated KickBak tumblers for use with hot or cold beverages.

Distributors, remind your healthcare industry clients to show their nursing staff appreciation that will last all year with a reusable custom imprinted CamelBak® bottle!



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